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From Beyond the Grave: A Most Beautiful Love Story

Monday, August 8, 2011

I bumped into a friend of mine, whom I haven't seen in months, at the market this morning.  When she saw me she immediately said, "Oh!  I gave your number to a friend of mine this morning. She's having some problems and I wondered if you could help her".  As we talked, she revealed to me that her friend, Lucy, had received phone calls the night prior from her deceased husband of 5 years and that over the years there had been many other unexplainable occurrances related to him.  As we talked I immediately felt his energy come through me like a powerful wave and I got goose bumps!  it was so overwhelming, I almost started to cry.  When I told her, she got them too!  She told me she would call me when her friend got off work so we could get together.

When I went to Lucy's house, I was greeted by my friend, Beth, a lovely Golden Lab named, Leah, and a stunning blonde haired 4 year old girl named Tiffany.  The house energy was gentle and fresh.  I could feel peace in the home with a little underlying chaos and when I met Lucy I could see why. His energy was definately there!  We sat down and I asked her to tell me what was going on...and this is what she told me:

After her husband, Brian, passed away 5 years ago, she moved from New York to Arizona.  She rented her house in New York to some friends of hers, but not friends of Brian's.  He never knew them.  She said that he was wreaking havoc in the home.  Nothing dangerous, just irrirtating.  Plates would slide across tables and counter tops, doors on kitchen cabinets would open and close, lights and electrical appliances would turn on and off. At one point the Husband of the house said he saw Brian sitting on the roof above the window where Lucy used to sleep.  Then, last night she received a phone call from the cell phone of the 11 year old girl who lives in the house in New York at 2:53 A.M.  Lucy said she called the girl's father and he assured her that his daughter (and everyone else) was fine and sleeping when he left the house for work (remember NY is 3 hours later than AZ).  He told Lucy that his daughter probably had the phone in bed with her and kept rolling over on it.  Satisfied with that, Lucy turned down the ringer on her phone and went back to sleep only to find, when she woke up, that there had been more calls from that phone   Later, it turned out that the girl's cell phone was completely turned off and sitting on the night table next to her bed! Upon this knowledge, Lucy called Beth immediately wondering if she could help her figure out what was going on.  She knew it was Brian, especially after all the other experiences she has had since his passing.  That's when Beth gave her my number and then later acturally saw me at the market (everything happens for a reason, right?).

When I "dialed into" Brian's energy, which wasn't difficult since we had already met at the market, he immediately started in about not crossing over.  I was taken aback by his power, strength and determination.  I was already impressed with his ability to manipulate objects in the physical because it is not an easy task for those in spirit to do.  I tried to talk to him, but immediately I was informed (by him) that I was not called there to talk, but to listen and deliver information....yes sir!!  He was very upset in his untimely death.  He said he refused to leave.  I tried to tell him he was dead and the only way back now was through reireincarnation.  I tried to talk to him about crossing over, but before I could complete my sentence he blurted he WOULD NOT!  He said if he crossed over, they (his 2 sisters and grandmother already on the other side) would take him and process him and he would never be able to get back.  This is when I realized he had not crossed over at all!  He had been on this Earth Plane the entire time since his death.  He said he refused to leave his wife and his family.  I have never met such a stubborn soul!  He felt he had been cheated out of his life and the miracle gift of his beautiful baby girl, Tiffany.  He said he wanted to watch his boys grow up and teach them to be men!  I told him that if he would just cross over he would understand the grander scheme, the Universal plan for him.  He still refused.  He didn't care.  This was now HIS plan.

Again, I was informed to "pay attention".  He wanted me to talk to Lucy about a man and at that point I was inspired to talk to her about "walk ins".  As I was explaining this to her, Brian said to me, "I'm coming back".  On these words I stopped and stared at Lucy.  My mind quickly added the numbers of the time of the first phone call, 2+5+3=10...omg, 1+0=1.  1 is the number of new beginnings.  I couldn't believe what he was telling me.  I've never had anyone tell me they were just going to "come back" from the grave!  In my silence Lucy just stared back at me. Finally, I said, please don't take me out back and tie me to a stake, but he just said he's coming back.  I said, there is a man that you will meet or have already met that has contracted with Brian to share his existence.  Lucy and Beth looked at each other and Lucy's voice broke as she told me she already knew.  Hence, the story of David:

Not long after Lucy moved to Arizona she dated a couple of guys that she said Brian "really hated".  Then recently, she met, David.  A contractor who immediately fell in love with her.  She said, "He is so much like, Brian, it's frightening", she said,"...right down to the fact that he loves to decorate the Christmas tree, even calling himself, Mr. Christmas".  She said that's what she called Brian because he was so anal about the Christmas tree they had to put a "fence" around it so the pets and kids wouldn't disturb the lights!  Lucy said David reminds her so much of Brian in that he is the same height and has the same build as well.  The first time she saw of picture of him she thought he WAS Brian!  I knew when she told me of him that this is the man Brian was speaking of.  I felt an immediate peace from Brian when she told me David was going to move in and they were going to be a family.  She told me that her daughter, Tiffany, already called David, "Daddy". 

Lucy told me that Tiffany was born 6 months after Brian's passing.  She had gotten pregnant with her while Brian was on Chemotherapy, which the doctors said, was a one in a million chance.  They both knew it was a little girl, which is what Brian wanted so badly to give to her.  Lucy also told me that even though they had never met, Tiffany knows who Brian is.  Brian then told me that he did know his daughter and they had met, "in passing".

Brian reassured me that after David moves in with Lucy all the "occurrences" will stop.  I felt such a peace from him and a joy in the heart of Lucy.

I know it sounds crazy, but this is the greatest love story I have ever heard! Imagine, a husband and father so dedicated to his family that even a physical death cannot keep them apart.