"I first met Yvette at a festival in Big Bear, California. I wasn’t looking for a reading that day but somehow I was drawn to her, her presence and her energy. She ended up connecting with me on a very deep spiritual level and her guidance was a key force in getting me through some hard times. Since then, she’s always provided me with great support, she lifts my spirits and she makes herself available to help me through difficult situations. I’ve recommended several of my close friends to Yvette and everyone has been very impressed by her ability to connect with our spirit guides and provide consistent and reliable readings."

Costa Mesa, CA

"...That's why I love you and have faith in you and what you do for people!  It's truly your gift to help people!  I am so grateful you are my friend!"

Gilbert, AZ

"Yvette, I love the changing format of your website. I thank you deeply and wholeheartly for the interest and care you put into your readings. A session with you is better than a massage or a day at the spa! I will continue to "gift" myself continued sessions with you. Thanks, Emily"

Santa Fe, NM

"Hi Yvette!  Hope everything is going good for you.  As for me, I'm doing great and my son is finally working :) but not doing anything with his music yet :(  You told me my address was going to change soon and it happened.  I was also concerned about my ex girlfriend and you told me not to worry that she would find her way and be alright, which she IS doing good and she has moved on.  I'm still waiting to see who is out there that I am supposed to meet sometime soon!  Thanks, Yvette...miss you!"

Big Bear, CA

"Yvette is amazing.  I went to her for just an entertainment type date with my then boyfriend.  It turned out to be fate.  Now I will NOT go anywhere else.  Everything that she has shared with me has happened.  I have gotten tarot readings from her and they are just spot on.  I have gone to her in time of need and I have gone to her out of curiosity.  She did a past life regression with me.  That was one of the most profound eye opening experiences of my life. I trust her completely.  I see other places and it's hokey...she is the real deal.  If you get a chance you should really see her in person.  Its amazing watching her do her thing."

Ft Worth, TX

"Thanks for always being there for me, Yvette.  You gave me a lot to think about as always.  I guess I do carry around a lot of guilt with me all the time.  I never thought of it that way before.  I know I'm going to be ok because you said so!  I miss your store a lot, too.  I did spend a lot of time in there because I wanted to be just like YOU!!  I love you!"

Chandler, AZ

"Once again I want to thank you for everything.  Talking to you helps so much to make me look at things differently...you are wonderful and thanks for being there!"

Longport, NY